*5 STAR PROFESSIONAL REAL ESTATE AGENT 6 years in a row- featured in
Chicago Magazine October 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018!

 Five Star Professional conducted research with clients, peers and industry experts to determine the real estate agents in the Chicago area who rated highest in overall satisfaction. The award winners are a special section in the October issues of Chicago magazine. Approximately 2% of Chicago area agents were selected.



Thank you, my clients and friends who recommended me over these past years!
Also, thanks so much to everyone who wrote a thank you note
or a testimonial for me to share
My cup runneth over.

I am committed to working hard
to advocate for all my clients and promise to offer your family
and friends the
highest level of real estate service possible. 



 Kathy Baggio, Mary Bouska, Steve Brill, Miriam Campbell, Ken D'Alexander, Tony DeLuca, Ernie DeLeora, Dawn Goerger, Josie Gould, Joe Heffernan, Greg Kostuk, Stephen Legge, David and Jenn Leung, Jeanne McCaffery, Joanne Meyerhoff, Joan Murphy, Dawn Zagnoli Miller, Kathy Novinski, Dan Origer, Duane St. Pierre, Lisa Slawny, Cheryl and Ron Stern, Brad Sutter, Carl and Elaine Trippiedi, Patti Urbanski, Kathy and Greg Vogler, Katie Vuckovich, Rose Weismann, Lily Welsh, Brian Wright, Samantha and Miguel Zavala, Neil Zweiban


2018 (so far)
Peggy Abrams, Anna Alfano, Julia Anderson, Brandon Burns, Schy Cabrera, Miriam Campbell, Carlie & Ken D'Alexander, Diane D'Alexander, Ernie De Loera, Ashley Dittmar and Rob Galassi, Sveta Dimitrova, Colin Fane, Brent Garrett, Tom Hamlink, Tracy Haske, Joe Heffernan, Emily Hinz, Susie Levy Katz, Robin Katz, Sue and Ric Kingsfield, Stephen Legge, Cindy Lentz, Al Martinez, Kiki Mass, Heidi and Dave Mihalik, Dawn Zagnoli Miller, Lisa Monoson, Victor Orlowski, Carol Raso, Nancy Ritz, Rita Shapiro, Duane St. Pierre, Mary Timko, Emily Weiss, Martha Weiss, Neil Zweiban


How can I be of service to you?
Do you need a my opinion about some work you are considering doing in your home?
Can I offer referrals for services you need? Interested in general real estate information?
Please know that I am available for anything I can help with.
I do not measure success only in a paycheck, but rather in helping you and the people
you care about in any way that I can.

Warmest regards, Deenie

Earning your trust and your referrals is how I measure my success!
I am never too busy for your referrals. They are the lifeline of my business.
I appreciate you so much!