Are You Or Someone You Care About
In Financial Distress?
There Are Options To Foreclosure.

If you qualify there are no costs to you to sell your home. In a short sale situation the lender pays real estate commissions, attorney fees, and all other closing costs. Don’t delay- Time is of the essence.


Are you a homeowner in financial distress?  You are not alone.


Over 6,000,000 homeowners are in foreclosure and over 20 million homeowners are late on their mortgage payments. Even though you may feel like you are the only one, you aren't. What do you do about it?

My belief is (and always has been) that the most important person for a distressed homeowner to encounter is an educated agent. An educated agent can tell you what your real options are, what your property is worth, how likely it is that it will sell and - no other professional can provide you with all of these answers.

When hiring an agent find out:

  • What kind of education do they have?
  • How many distressed homeowners have they worked with?
  • Do they understand the foreclosure process in your area?
  • How many short sales they have been involved with?

If you are in financial distress your agent may be the only person standing between a solution and foreclosure. I hate to put this so bluntly but this is reality and your decision needs to be taken seriously now.

Best case scenario is that you will find an agent who has taken the time and effort to earn the Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) designation. At the minimum make certain the agent you hire can answer the questions above.


For help or information regarding the consequences of Foreclosure vs. Short Sale please contact Deenie.

Don’t delay- Time is of the essence.


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