Do I Need A Buyer's Agent?

Use a Buyer's Agent

Did you know that when you call the agent listed on the sign, that agent represents the seller and you forfeit your own representation in that situation? It's important that you choose an experienced Buyer's Agent to advocate for you! Your agent should be imparting their extensive market knowledge and interpretation, experience, and care in representing your best interest. Finding your potential home is only a small (important, I know, but small)part of the process. Educating you on the entire process, negotiating furiously on your behalf, protecting contingency dates, managing the mounds of paperwork, and answering all of your questions with competence and speed are other important aspects that your Buyer's Agent takes care of.

(excerpted from Chicago Tribune, May 26, 2006 ?First-time buyers need to know who?s on their side?)

?The best way to locate a successful buyer?s agent is to ask friends and associates who have recently purchased...for their buyer?s agent recommendations. Because the drawbacks of not having a buyer?s agent can be costly, especially when the same agent represents the home seller, buyers should spend considerable effort to locate an effective buyer?s agent?.